A lounging Dorothy Lamour

"I felt like a wonderful sandwich, a slice of white bread between two slices of ham." (Dorothy Lamour, about working with Bing Crosby & Bob Hope)

Flowers are worn in the hair of women all around the World. Flowers can elevate a hairstyle by giving a splash of colour or just a breathtaking accessory to an outfit. A single flower worn behind the right ear suggests the girlie is a single lady, but behind the left ear is a signal there's a significant other. Flowers often have meanings such as the Hibiscus and Tuberose. The first meaning delicate beauty & sensitivity and that latter meaning forbidden pleasure. The daisy means innocence and purity whilst the gardenia means secret love and the camellia means gratitude.

Bette Davies in Now  Voyager wearing camellias

"And your camellias arrived and I knew you were thinking about me" Bette Davies "Now Voyager"

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Hand-made Rockabilly 'Watermelon' head scarf

£ 5.50 

Gorgeous well made handmade Watermelon patterned Rockabilly headscarf.



Hand-made Rockabilly purple & pink Hawaiian hair clip

£ 7.00 

A really pretty feminine Rockabilly handmade Hawaiian Cluster hair clip.


Home-made Rockabilly Large pink Stargazer Lily hair clip

£ 6.25 

Handmade, great quality large pink and white stargazer lily.


Hand-made Rockabilly orange & purple Hawaiian hair clip

£ 7.00 

Gorgeous feminine handmade Rockabilly orange & purple hair clip.


Hand-made Rockabilly Hawaiian barkcloth head scarf

£ 5.50 

Gorgeous handmade Rockabilly headscarf in a Hawaiian barkcloth.