All the big filmstars had stand-ins  during their film making.  Lookalikes who either took the stars place for lighting and camera work or who undertook the more strenuous areas of filming in stuntwork.  Here are a few photographs of filmstars and their stand ins

Claudette Colbert with her stand-in, Pluma Noisom working on 'She married her boss'.

Joan Crawford & her stand in 

Ginger Rogers with her double Dorothy Panter who undergoes each different image change as well.

Paulette Goddard & her stand in June Kilgour

Bing Crosby and stand in

George Patey is Rory Calhoun's stand in on the set of River of No Return

Cary Grant and his stand in on 'The Awful Truth'

and 7 years later on the set of 'None but the Lonely Heart'

Shirley Temple with  her childhood friend Mary-Lou Isleib

Irene Dunn & Katherine Stanley, her 10 year stand in, on the set of Lady in a Jam.

Dorothy Lamour goes over her script for Swing High Swing Low with her stand in